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NAVIGON has released the navigation software Mobile Navigator for Android in the new version of Eastern North Europe. Interestingly, the application allows you to enjoy a new feature that no other product from the company's portfolio has.

Thanks to the latest update of NAVIGON Mobile Navigator, in addition to the My Routes function, the new version has the ability to communicate with the world thanks to the connection to face book and Twitter. In addition, for a small fee, you can install the function on the iPhone - Panorama View3D. Integration with Facebook and Twitter allows the driver to inform his friends about his location, destination and planned time of arrival. You can also send a short text update of your status.

In contrast, the NAVIGON My Routes feature will recommend the best route, taking into account the personal driving style, day of the week and time of day. My Routes will show us up to 3 routes to choose from, including a route created on the basis of driver behavior analysis on the road. In addition to the features already discussed for all who decide to update Mobile Navigator, features such as Google Local Search will be available, i.e. search for business addresses or service points via the Internet and the ability to enter the geographical coordinates of the destination instead of providing its address. NAVIGON software is an on-board solution (that is, the entire application and mafacebook, twitters are included in the device, there is no need to download maps using data transmission) offering Reality View TM Pro functions (Real Appearance of Intersections), iPod integration.

More About Mobile Navigator

Mobile Navigator can be additionally equipped with Panorama View3D. This function reflects on the navigation screen the landscape surrounding the driver - not in the form of a flat surface, but three-dimensional, considering the terrain, which greatly facilitates orientation and increases the comfort of travel. The cost of purchasing this additional feature for iPhone users is 9.99 euros.

The NAVIGON navigation software can be used not only on the iPhone 3G and 3G S models, but also on first generation devices like the iPod Touch. Older models require the purchase of GPS receivers.

Satellite navigation

Customers who reach for satellite navigation for the first time pay particular attention to details. The latest version of the Lane Assistant feature provides an even better view of the route on the 3.5 inch screen. Before we reach the multi-lane intersection, the device will show us the best lane to occupy. The Real Reality View Light option realistically shows the motorway exits. In addition to the two million special destinations (POIs) introduced on the map of all of Europe, the user can enter his own places under the chosen name and assign them a special icon. Emergency Help provides one-click access to all important information regarding, for example, the location of a hospital, police, workshop or pharmacy in the immediate area. In addition to the location of the points sought, NAVIGON will also provide Navigon support number. Among the functions of NAVIGON 1200 | 1210 also included a Speed Assistant and information about speed cameras. The new navigation software, 375 MHz processor and 64 MB RAM provides fast calculation of even the most complex route.

The device's memory can be easily expanded using Micro SD cards, which is especially useful when updating satellite navigation with additional functions, such as text-to-speech (Text-to-Speech). By default, we offer the possibility of downloading updates via the NAVIGON Fresh website. Maps of 40 European countries are available for download, updated every three months. At our navigon customer service number we provide best help related to NAVIGON issue